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To the people who have utilised mothballs – camphor performs the same way but is less toxic. Also both are toxic to children and pets. Not Many of us know that. Additionally, evidently mothballs and camphor can have a chemical reactions with each other. So do not use them together.

I combined peanut butter and dried potato flakes, put them in sno-cone cups and positioned them where we observed mouse droppings. They ate them up. At last every time they had gotten more than enough water in them the potato flakes expanded inside their tummies they usually died. We found them all around the dwelling. They are already long gone for four months and now we have both a mouse or possibly a rat functioning all around.

I just moved into my new property And that i’m having my kitchen redone. I wakened this early morning to droppings on my momentary counter (an outdated kitchen table) when I went to produce coffee.

Okay I posted on her months on months in the past and just assumed I’d Verify to discover if Anybody else had observed a great Answer. Due to the fact my final put up I moved, I assumed I’d be performed with the specific situation and so they could have your home, Erroneous notion, The brand new residence has twice as a lot of and these types are darn rude.

I’ve had mice two times, and the top Resolution I’ve located is a mix of glue pads (garage) and these minor plastic traps that happen to be spring loaded and squash the very little suckers (kitchen area). The one downside Together with the plastic traps is that they're intended for only one use, but I’m prepared to fork out slightly more to have the ability to just get the lure via the little carrying handle rather than should see blood or guts. VICTOR model sells one particular, and I found a single other model (ordered at Lowe’s Hardware).

We’ve experienced problems with what we contact “kangaroo” rats. They are really medium sized and hop. Plus the tiny buggers are super good about thieving foods from traps – until finally I arrived up with a solution. I now have a bit of stale pop-tart (they really like them), stick them over the bait hook with peanut butter, then – below’s the trick – make use of a wire bread tie to make it more challenging for them to only snag the food.

Like every one of the tips. Window cleaner with ammonia seems to be keeping the mice off of our mailbox. Don’t know why they were being climbing on it to start with. It had been loaded with “presents” the other working day, and I cleaned it off While using the window cleaner and there haven’t been droppings for a couple of days. Now I have to uncover a thing to perform at my new university, exactly where the academics are telling me a couple of mice problem that received’t go away.

Found mice in my kitchen area drawers throughout the cold. Made use of peppermint oil (just a couple drops in Every single drawer) and so they were long gone. Learned One more a person in my home -NOT Fantastic – this morning.

My suggestion is that the peppermint and wintergreen oil doesn’t not do the job have tried out the mothballs worked for about per month then stopped. snap traps have labored with crunchy peanut . I'm now planning to try out the ammonia Resolution you mix 1 cup white vinegar one cup ammonia within a spray bottle spray all over the place mouse has been in addition to saturate cotton balls with Option respray every month I will proceed with sealing the opening up exactly where they have arrived in at and utilizing snap traps. I hope this allows another person out.

*line the spount from the bottle up with a bucket on the ground filled about three″ from The underside with h2o (just enough which they can’t touch the bottom)

Would you believe I caught A further 1 previously this 7 days over a sticky trap AND noticed just one this early morning from the kitchen? This 1 has to be smarter than it’s buddies as it avoided the sticky traps. I noticed it on my selection and tossed a sticky lure with a few chocolate on it on the assortment prime.

This hottest episode of mouse-invasion has me so upset which i can’t rest (they climb on my bed!)or stroll about without the need of anxiety, scared a person will soar on me. The primary mouse is so fat, I’m fearful she’s pregnant & there'll shortly be considered a colony of baby mice!

I created my own traps plus they function terrific. have a 2 liter soda bottle and Slash of the very best correct underneath the rim. now place a source of food stuff like crackers or a thing into The underside on the read more bottle. take a butter knife and distribute some peanut butter close to the inside with the bottle (for scent and scent masking) unfold it in the mid portion in the bottle.

I’ve just expended the last one/2 hour looking through them all – carfully even though taking notes. 1st, a shout out to my brave spouse who wacked the stew out of One of several mice we experienced in the house for around per month now. Employed my Wal Mart $2 crocs knock-off. Applied 1 to corner the mangy matter, and one other to beat it unconcious.

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